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Retirement Planning Experts on Safe Money Talk Radio

Safe Money Talk Radio is hosted by retirement planning & annuity expert Cathy DeWitt Dunn.

401k infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: The Hidden Fees On Your 401(K)

Here's what you could buy with all the hidden fees you're paying. The fees can add up to huge sums over time. Use Personal Capital to help minimize fees.

3 buckets - Google Search

3 buckets - Google Search

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Mind the Gap! If you start saving at age 25 and earn $20,000 a year, you’ll have to contribute 5.8% of your salary to fund your future. If you wait 10 years—even if you earn $10,000 more—you’ll have to sock away 12.2% of your pay. And if you hold off until age 45, you’ll be staring up at a 21.4% savings rate.

Mind the Gap

A Retirement Plan That’s Proven to Create Millionaires

7 Ways (Besides Sex) To Emotionally Connect With Your Partner Hero Image

Star Ratings of Mutual Funds : What you should know, what you should do

Should you buy a mutual fund based on its rating?

Star ratings should only serve as a starting point for filtering funds. It should not be the only criterion for selection since the ratings are dynamic and one needs to check the other factors that can impact returns.

Money has surprisingly little to do with when people retire.

Develop Your Own Promotion Application Way Alot More Beneficial With New Home-Owner Lists

Saving for Retirement: Six Proven Ways to Play Catch-Up

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