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Made in the U.S.A

Made in the USA

Four designers answer the question, "What does American furniture offer that European brands do not?

Cela pourrait ressembler à une molécule d’ADN mais ce sont des tabourets empilés. Crick est une assise imaginée et réalisée par le designer Pedro Feduchi, basé à Madrid. Ce tabouret en bois rendu léger et durable a son siège en contreplaqué de peuplier et livré avec 3 trous le rendant facile à déplacer. Chacune des jambes est en chêne massif qui s’élargie à mesure qu’elle s’approche du sol. Les extrémités sphériques blanches améliorent l’apparence de molécule ADN lorsqu'ils sont empilés.

Tabouret Crick par Pedro Feduchi

Crick, by Pedro Feduchi, is a stackable stool made of wood making it lightweight and durable and when stacked, it they look like a strand of DNA.


Kusch+Co is a leading manufacturer of high-quality seating, tables and benches geared towards a plethora of contract environments, such as offices and administrations, or cultural and social institutions.

Inspired by the classic Dutch sleigh and perhaps the paintings of Hendrick Avercamp of Dutch winter landscapes. Beautifully handcrafted in either massive ash or oak.

launches Hendrick's Collection, a set of wooden furniture, and Il Treno, a seating booth, at Ventura Lambrate in Milan.

Animal-Like Furniture : animal-like furniture

Animal-Like Furniture

A collection of dog-inspired furniture, called Hosting Hounds, that incorporates the visual and behavioral features of our beloved canine friends.


Nardo chair by Maigrau: Oak chair based on the archetypal design of the folding chair, buy now at the home design shop.

Xemei stool black. High contrast!

Xemei Stool by Mediodesign

Xemei is a sculptural stool with strong geometric lines contrast, designed by Barcelona-based MedioDesign studio.

Philipp Schenk-Mischke and Matthias Klas teamed up to design a project while thinking outside the box to create a new perspective that results in new ideas.

The Past is Never Dead

Profile Table is a minimalist design created by Belgium-based designer Sylvain Willenz. Following the success of the Profile chair, Stattmann Neue Moebel asked the designers to design some tables. The collection consists of round, rectangular and square formats. (10)

Profile Table

Sylvain Willenz on Pleasing Clients, Keeping Things Extremely Tidy, and Why Patience Is the Most Important Quality in a Designer -