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Share this Pin with anyone needing to potty train a puppy or dog! Chico from Illinois – Chihuahua. PTPA Review: "Chico loves his Puppy Apartment and enjoys snuggling up in it every night" Ashley - Illinois. Animals – Puppy Potty Training for dogs. Click here for more testimonials and to watch our world-famous video: modernpuppies.com

3/11/13 Anybody Want to Adopt an Adorable Blind Dog AND His Seeing-Eye Dog? These fellas come as a pair. One is blind. The other helps him get around. They're best friends. Meet Jack and Chico, two Australian Cattle Dogs who found themselves at the MaxFund Animal Adoption Center in Denver after their owner passed away. Dogster

PLEASE SHARE THIS BOY!!! You can tell he has had a tough life!! Now has been at high shelter for 30 days, which tell us he is a great dog! CHICO #A1371275 Unaltered male, white & brown American Pit Bull, 2 years, 64 pounds. I have been at the shelter since Feb 02, 2013. SOUTH L.A. ANIMAL SHELTER 1850 W. 60th St. Los Angeles, CA 90047 PHONE = 213-485-0214/0227/0303/0117/0119 or 888-452-7381…

CHICO - A1039526 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 06/16 15 TO BE KILLED AFTER ONLY FOUR DAYS!! Poor Chico! He arrived as a stray just 4 days ago. His intake notes state that he “came in very calm quiet and cooperative and showed no aggression.” Well guess what – it doesn’t matter what a nice dog Chico is because in no time he got sick in the dirty, germ-infested conditions at the shelter and went straight to the To Be Destroyed list without even being

A case of alleged animal abuse was caught on surveillance camera at the Villa Sierra apartment complex in Chico last week. The video shows a man, Andrew Lavato, throwing his dog into a dumpster and allegedly beating her with a stick. The landlord of the complex posted the surveillance video on Facebook with an intense … Continue reading Man caught throwing dog into dumpster then beating: deny’s clear evidence →

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