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prince-hans-pants: “prince-hans-pants: “I usually try to come up with funny captions for cdpetee’s edits but I saw this one and I forgot how to word?

Elsa, Frozen Pictures

i love how its got very little color and it still looks great! plus, this is Elsa in the modern world

Floral Elsa. she looks so different....

Name: Fiona Age: 16 Powers: Wind. Power to grow. Her flowers are poisonous sometimes. Makes people dizzy. Can grow flowers that heal people. And is up for adoption comment below

At least someone knows wat they r saying

about time. You can' t marry a man you just met. about 'ffl, Ti' iria. Frozen easily makes it in my list for best disney movie ever. pixar not included pixar is the picaso of animated movies they finally rea