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37 Funny Thanksgiving Pictures That Will Make You Miss The Holidays #holidays #funny

37 Funny Thanksgiving Pictures That Are So Funny You Can't Stop Smiling

It's time for Thanksgiving jokes. Here is the collection of some funny thanksgiving pictures. It's also the time for Thanksgiving cards invitations so maybe

Stop referring to Al Sharpton as a reverend!!!! I always did love Batman!!!

batman slap robin - Batman, it begs the question- You mean: "it raises the question"!

and still fighting nowadays<< did they just use a hetalia comment?

A manly rivalry. The rosbiff insult is actually a legit French insult (to the English)

Countryballs 'Polandball': WWII by animatedjerk

This is an illegitimate Polandball. Polandballs are supposed to be drawn freehand. Also, Polandball itself should be upside-down.

I bet the music he plays is imaginary too

What's even more awkward? Having to do the same thing as part of the band front :/

Enhanced world war ( Austria ) by 440Hertz  #polandball #countryball

Enhanced world war ( Austria ) by Why we are not allowed to have super powers.or weapons of mass destruction loose in the world

Canada' new shirt

can i just put this in my hetalia board <----- I thought Hetalia so much lol

Funny tumblr post

Tumblr Tuesday 2-2