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Handmade Holiday: Bayberry Candles

cover bayberries by 2" of water and boil

Ravens & Crows. They are the only non-primate species known to make tools, such as prodding sticks and hooks, which they use to pick up out grubs

As I toured the area where the Inuit resided I encountered the Raven Father. The Raven Father was a key figure in Alaskan Inuit mythology. They created him with the created of the world. First he created dry ground, then man, various species of animals, plants, and women. In that order. The Inuit believed that if anyone killed a raven it would bring about terrible weather.

Haikyuu!! ~~ Cats and Crows :: [ Karasuno / Nekoma (plastic folder front) by on @deviantART ]

A crow brooch from polymer clay. Feather texture with toothbrush, "Hairy" texture with fine needle. Premade PC + liquid PC eye. Dry-brushed dark blue and purple acrylic paint.

The Yucatan Jay, Cyanocorax Yucatanicus, is a species of bird in the family Corvidae, the crows and their allies. It is native to the Yucatán Peninsula where its habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forest, plantations and cleared areas at altitudes up to 250 m.

raven crow: abstract crow on a dry tree

raven crow: Two artistic painted, dead, dried tree on a foggy, terrifying swamp

Our Favorite New Beauty Products of December 2016

I'm just going to say it: This eye cream is so good you can forget your first cup of coffee in the morning. OK, maybe just your second cup. And although we stow this little tub in the fridge, it works the same magic as your K-Cup machine does after you roll out of bed. Personally, I think it's magic because it acts like a blur cream, erasing any imperfection—whether it be a dry spot, crow's-foot, or the like. Science-wise, it's got caffeine to help constrict any undereye bags (holler) along…