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The Re-Casting of Batman

Jim Caviezel. Especially dressed in a sharp suit like his character in Person… More

23 Things Tall Girls Won't Ever Say

“It doesn’t really bother me when people tell me I’m blocking their view.” | 23 Things Tall Girls Won't Ever Say

We are going to home school our kids, but that's only because we hate education

We are going to home school our kids, but that’s only because we hate education | The Matt Walsh Blog

wow: Faith = Forward All Issues To Heaven?! how generous of humans to throw all their shit onto God's back! does a god not have enough to do, to control 7Billion people & all of the universe beside our miserably b.s.-infested human planet?! how insulting of us to pile more shit on Him. At what point do we grow up & take responsibility for our own actions?! God gave us a Mind to think, not wait for Destiny! Write your own plan!

"Do good and good will come for you." I truly believe in "Paying it Forward" and doing small good deeds to put a smile on someone else's face, One of my favorite ways to pay it forward is to pay for the coffee of the person behind me, and hoping they then do the same for the person behind them.

Traveling is risky business. While it’s physically safe to travel, being away from home poses unique risks to your marriage if your character and integrity are weak. In fact, you’ll face the temptations and integrity-compromising situations I’ll be discussing in everyday life, but during solo travel they’re much more apparent.