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GODDESS RHIANNON - She has associations with the horse goddess, Epona, the ancient Goddess, Rigatona, and The Lady of the Lake, Goddess Vivienne. She is traditionally worshipped in forests or in a grove of trees, with natural altars made from materials found in the forest. The ultimate time for worshipping her is at night, when the Moon is at Her highest.

Borrowed from Nicola Siberry ‎wiccan pagan witchcraft , walking your own path-Rhiannon is a lunar Welsh goddess of inspiration. Her name means “Great Queen,” and serves as a muse for poets, artists, and royalty. She is also a goddess of transformation, easing the dead into the afterlife and carries their souls upon her white horse. She is a shapeshifter, and will often appear as a bird, animal, or through a song

The Goddess Rhiannon, is a Welsh Lunar Goddess whose name means Great Queen or Divine. This luminous aspect of the Lady shines in many roles and guises, and in all these aspects Rhiannon’s radiance illuminates the pathway of ascension. As Great Queen, Rhiannon is aligned with Sovereignty, shining the Light of Remembrance upon our Sovereign Self. The Great Queen guides us in rediscovering our Divine Heritage and encourages us to reclaim our rightful place – reclaiming the Throne of our…

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