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The Children of Lir is a classic Irish version of the swan story: a king has four children, his wife dies, he remarries, his new wife is jealous and transforms the children into swans, animals befriend the children/swans, and eventually the spell is broken and the queen is forced to leave.

birdsofrhiannon: Children of Lir illustration by PJ Lynch

Children of Lir on Parchment by ~AoifeTighe on deviantART

Here's my Children of Lir on a parchment background. Children of Lir on Parchment

The Irish legend of the Children of Lir is about a stepmother transforming her children into swans for 900 years. In the legend The Wooing of Etain, the king of the Sidhe (subterranean-dwelling, supernatural beings) transforms himself and the most beautiful woman in Ireland, Etain, into swans to escape from the king of Ireland and Ireland's armies. The swan has recently been depicted on an Irish commemorative coin.

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ODETTE'S TRANSFORMATION - SWAN LAKE - BY KESHI-SHIRO - Swan maidens were a common theme in fairy tales throughout Europe

Swan Lake Princess Odette- “Odette’s Transformation” by keshi-shiro

H.R. Millar's illustration of "Lêr and the Swans", 1905. The Children of Lir is one of the most famous tales in Irish legend

Viorica: Irish Legends - The Children of Lir - Children of Lir.

Alan Lee.  Lovely. The swans have an air of magic about them, perhaps something like Grimm's 'The Six Swans'

Alan Lee Mythical Scene Pen, watercolor, and gouache on board 17 X 10 in.

PJ Lynch Gallery - Stamps

Viorica: Irish Legends - The Children of Lir - Children of Lir.

The Children of Lir  is an Irish legend. The original Irish title is Clann Lir or Leannaí Lir, but Lir is the genitive case of Lear. Lir is more often used as the name of the character in English. The legend is part of the Irish Mythological Cycle, which consists of numerous prose tales and poems found in medieval manuscripts. Statue of the Children of Lir in the Garden of Rememberence in Dublin.

Ler (meaning "Sea" in Old Irish; Lir is the genitive form) is a sea god in Irish mythology. His name suggests that he is a personification of the sea, rather than a distinct deity

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The Children of Lir, 1914 by John Duncan (Scottish driven forth on the western seas in the form of swans.