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"Oji Masanori is genuinely one of my favourite designers, an individual that works and collaborates with a variety of craftsmen and makers across Japan. Many of these independents have a rich history when it comes to producing. Masanori is there to enhance and promote this through his design, paying careful attention to form and proportion, but also the material and the manufacturing methods that they use."

Jizo (guardian of departed children)Kyoto, Japan

Please? I want to marry America!!!! Since he is basically like a guy version of me. He is my favorite character in Hetalia!

I don't care that half the girls dressed as geishas are paying for it - I still love it

Hozan-ji is a Buddhist temple in Monzenmachi, Ikoma, Nara, Japan. It is also called 'Ikoma-Shoten' (生駒聖天)

Australian Gun Control Mmmm... Is that so... John Howard comes to mind???

Every developed country in the world cares about and provides healthcare to ALL of its citizens on an ability to pay basis, except one.

Snuggle (carefully) with hedgehogs at a new adorable AF Japanese cafe

Here's what people pay to do at Japan's wildly popular hedgehog cafe.

"Peter didn't impose a point of view on you, but carefully put before you, with studied neutrality, elements of the world in all their magnificent ambivalence." - Richard Kalvar In the slideshow on, Magnum photographers pay tribute to the work of their late colleague Peter Marlow. Link in bio. PHOTO: The hotel staff bow to leaving visitors. Because competition is so fierce, hotels try to be as hospitable as possible. Wakayama Project. Japan. 1998. ©…

Liu Ji, one of ten talents in Dali books Scheeren (similar to the emperor's confidential secretary) Han Hong wife, the famous chapter Taiwan Liu the story heroine, Cipai, "Zhang Taiwan Liu," the origin of characters, chapter Taiwan Liu in later become synonymous described as slim and beautiful woman. Zhang Taiwan Liu twists and moving roughly the plot, Han Yi Refugees, capital, and hou brothers care "Lee Sun-pay for the intimate mutual love, Liu Ji, Han Hong and Li Wang Chia prostitutes,