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With months of preparation on the line, pageant week has the potential to send your stress levels through the roof. It’s so important to know how to cope with your stress to avoid excess tension in your body and to keep your focus on stage.  Yoga has been used for centuries to promote a sense of calm and to relieve stress. Not only is it good for your mind, but it’s great for your body.   Stress causes your body to release a hormone called cortisol. According to LiveStrong.com, this hormone…

13 Calming Yoga Poses for Pageant Week Stress Relief

Important to know about calcium with Alex being lactose intolerant

Vegan - Vegetarian - Best Non Dairy Sources of Calcium - Get in Your Daily Calcium from Food like Spinach vs. Supplements - Try Non Dairy Milks like Coconut and Almond that have calcium

Important to know! ~ Electrical Engineering Pics

Learn to read Greek road signs for your travel in Greece and practice the Greek alphabet, starting with this sign at the Athens International Airport.

Before choosing a bow, it’s important to know which eye is dominant.

Find your dominant eye, and shoot long guns according to eye dominance, not hand dominance.

Important Things To Know About the ENFP Female

Important Things To Know About the ENFP Female ENFP females are charismatic and energetic individuals, but there is much more to them than just a bubbly personality. There is an ocean of depth within the ENFP, making them complex and interesting

Kids are natural explorers, they are constantly thirsty for knowledge and curiosity is their thing. It's really important to feed your child's need for answers and learning new things. As you know kids get bored very easily, so to teach them something, it has to be fun. Here we have some cool and entertaining science experiments you can try with your kids. They will learn a lot of new things while playing.

15 Cool Science Activities To Do With Your Kids

YOUTH This EPIC Bottle Rocket Flew Higher Than our Two Story House! Use a soda bottle, baking soda, and vinegar. Super fun science and backyard project! Demonstrate Newton's law of motion.

Psychic Development Tip : Set Aside Time to Meet Your Spirit Guides

Carving out time is super important to getting to know your Spirit Guides. Here's what to do and the questions you can ask them. << I've known them but this is cool!

It’s as important to know how to be alone as it is to know how to get along. | 50 Lessons That Moomins Can Teach You AboutLife

<b>"I only want to live in peace and plant potatoes and dream!"</b> The magical Moominvalley of Tove Jansson