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Itzpapalotl- Aztec myth: name means "obsidian butterfly". She is a skeletal goddess that rules paradise. She has obsidian wing blades and obsidian talons. She sometimes turns into a beautiful human woman.

Una casa en Tenochtitlán.

Tzitzimitl- Aztec myth: a female skeletal deity of the stars. She was the protector of women, especially wives. She was also feared during periods of cosmic instability such as during eclipses and the end and start of the year


Orang-bati is an Indonesian legend that kidnaps children. It is rumored to be a monkey with the wings of a bat and the talons of a hawk.

Nuckelavee- Orcadian folklore: an evil water fairy. It was a horse with a human rider that is fused by the waist to the horses back. The human upper body had long arms and long fingers that it reached the ground. It also had one flaming eye. its most distinguishing characteristic was that it was completely skinless, with yellow veins and black blood. His breath is famine and he lives in sea water. Weakness is fresh water. Burning seaweed aggravates it.

Aztec warriors

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Aztec mask of Xiutecuhlti, god of fire made from a human skull and inlaid turquoise, jadeite and spiny oyster.

Tezcatlipoca- Aztec myth: the Aztec central deity. He was associated with the night sky and winds, hurricanes, obsidian, jaguars, war, and rulership. He wore an obsidian mirror on his chest that constantly smoked.

Mujina- Japanese folklore: magical badgers that live in the mountains. They can shapeshift into human form, but can also take the appearance of a noppera-bo; a faceless human. They are very shy and tend to avoid humans as much as possible.