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switching the roles (wow i mean look how sexy chris looks & how brave sebastian looks)

<<< nO. This does not work they were born for their roles Chris Evans was born to be Steve Rogers/ Captain America and Sebastian Stan was born to be Bucky Barnes/ The Winter Soldier



Captain America/Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- Friendly reminders are never very friendly....

Captain America/Captain America: The Winter Soldier, This is soooooo true, lolso emotional tho♥♥♥

Haha brainwash candy

Captain America: Wintersoldier, This is ridiculously cute for a heart-wrenching film that hurt me

Practicing for CATWS..can we just talk about the fact that Sen ACTUALLY does the knife switch hands move?!?!

Sebastian Stan practicing for fight scenes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The knife flipping thing - I shouldn't find that attractive.

American correctional facilities are just not up to snuff.

Why Robert Downey Jr doesn't speak french.they don't teach french in jail

Never forget that there IS a difference, because that difference is of the utmost importance.

Bucky is a hero, despite what anyone says.<<<Duh, didn't you watch Winter soldier?

''People say they don't like Steve Rogers... Like what else do you not like?? Puppies?? Rainbows?? Sunshine??'' HAHAHAHA!! That's true, though... / Bucky Barnes + Tumblr

you don't like Steve Rogers? what else don't you like - puppies, rainbows, sunshine

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Captain America Credits Chris Evans - I love the simplicity of these credits in juxtaposition to The Avengers' hyper realistic credits.