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Two religious sisters engaged in conversation with a beggar outside Santa Maria Maggiore. I want to be more like these beautiful sisters! ~( introverted evangelist :)

"A fine order of educators Oblate Sister of Providence Sr Hiltrudes Williams 1956 celebrates 50 years as a Nun dedicated to the education of black children, Mrs Bill Cosby was taught by these well educated African American Sisters based in Maryland."

Now, we all know how deeply the issue of abortion hits people -- in both parties. It's hard. It's sensitive and personal, and there are no easy answers. But even if we are divided over the question of when life begins, one thing we should agree on is this: Vulnerable children outside the womb deserve at least as much focus and care as those not yet born. Shouldn't those concerned about the lives of the unborn be equally concerned about the lives of the recently born?

Mother Prioress Dolores Hart was a very sucessful Hollywood actress who left it all at 24 to become a Catholic nun. What an amazing woman and life!

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