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This place is the worst. I pretty much ran through each chapter of the books so i wouldnt get killed.

link to some lovely screenshot wallpapers The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim dragonborn dlc locations Apocrypha

and then bandits show up at my house. like they don't know it's the dragonborn's. and then my horse kills them and i laugh.

video game logic skyrim muggers In my case its the chick who killed a dragon and ate its soul

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Favorite part of the dark brotherhood quest is getting that note. It freaked me out when I first got it. But then the second time o played through the game I never got the note when I was waiting for it.

Skyrim with lots of mods. Not photoshop. holyshit ! , badass realistic graphics ! *.*

Skyrim with lots of mods. Not photoshop.

Fond d'ecran The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim - PC

Skyrim, that's MY HOUSE dragon! Hello, my name is Dragonborn. You're sitting on my house.


Funny pictures about Skyrim on different resolutions. Oh, and cool pics about Skyrim on different resolutions. Also, Skyrim on different resolutions.