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My brother and I used to love watching this movie every Christmas, I still love this one

Walk the Line- "I'm asking you to marry me. I love you, June. Now I know I said and done a lotta things, that I hurt you, but I promise, I'll never do that again."

The 167 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

How to be petty step 1:

Kristin + Idina. Aww... Anyway, side note: can you honestly believe this show went to Broadway almost 9 years ago?? It doesn't seem like 2003 was that long ago! Back on topic, though, I ADORE this picture! :)

"That sounds like a whole lotta your problem."

When he said " I like her." my heat melted, i got goosebumps, and i wished i was her. He said it so... LOKI!!!

bahahahaha!!!! XD NOPE ANNABETH KNOWS ALL THE THINGS THAT WANNA KILL HER BF.. and its perfect tht annabeth and Rapunzel have blonde hair and flyn and percy ane black hair

Metatron. The Angel you love to hate and hate to love. I have to say I was team Beat His Ass until season 11. And then I was like meh he is okay.