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Neptunes Garden Mosaic Art Tile Polymer Clay and Glass by Mandarin Moon on Etsy. this woman's work is stunning.

Christine Kapano aka Mandarin Moon Spooky Haloween Journal Cover at - her spirals are just right - go to gallery at and type in "spooky" in the search field.

Kewl project with a dremmel tool and masonry drill bits! Of course you can save some time and goto KEM Designs and order them. Beach Stone Jewelry - KEM Designs

brushed silver cuff with seaglass pebble by jessicaweissjewelry, $350.00 omg. my love of the ocean and sterling rolled into one! love it!

How to Make Faux Sea Glass with Polymer Clay

It's Tuesday evening and as I sit here, I can hear the soft murmur of the television playing to itself. It tries to compete for my attention, distracting me with its flashy lights and sudden intere...

Stone Pebble and Glass Mosaic Flower Planter

Stone Pebble and Glass Mosaic Flower Planter by 2ndCycle on Etsy, $39.00