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Just for you Shona!!! @shonameyer07  Bacon Scented Body Wash. then I would smell like bacon all the time. then I would want to eat it. WHERE IN THE WORLD DO YOU GET THIS? and btw, this makes a great Christmas gift. cough cough  - Get the awesome limited edition Bacon Lover's t-shirt while it's still available! http://teespring.com/icanhazawesome

Limited Edition Bacon Lovers Tee

Infinite BACON! Hats

Trucker Hat created by PhotogenicFood.

Bacon Awareness Ribbon Cards

Shop Bacon Awareness Ribbon Card created by PhotogenicFood.

Tiled Bacon Weave Pattern Poker Deck

Shop Tiled Bacon Weave Pattern Bicycle Playing Cards created by PhotogenicFood.

Bacon Infinite Bacon iPhone 3 Case-Mate Case

Shop Bacon Infinite Bacon iPhone 3 Case-Mate Case created by PhotogenicFood.