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Little forearm tattoo of the letters “A”, “H”, “S” and “D” meaning “Awareness, Humilty, Sacrifice and Dependence”.

Little forearm tattoo of the initials “A”, “H”, “S” and “D” meaning “Awareness, Humility, Sacrifice and Dependence”.

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I have really been attracted to the dots/lines combo tattoos lately. Not to mention where else on the body this could look fantastic.

Jessica Kinzer @svrtxvt | Ulm Germany tumblr: svartxvit

Jessica Kinzer has only been tattooing since but she’s produced stunning body art in that time. She adorns her clients with monochromatic baroque designs that feature stylized flowers and elegant flourishes. To shade these sprawling pieces, she pric

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Geometrical shapes and insects tattoos on legs for girl. Cool linework ink and abstract design