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Kubedesign 2012 Collection - If illustrations could exist in the three-dimensional physical world they would likely strike similarities with the Kubedesign 2012 Collection. Gen...

Cute Cartoony Furnishings

Ash Cushion - Wood may often be thought of as warm and welcoming, but it is also hard and unforgiving; the Ash Cushion changes the latter perception. It is a uni.

Recycled Cardboard Lamp #RecycledLamp #FloorLamp @idlights

Recycled Cardboard Floor Lamp

The oragami chair was created by New York designer James Deiter.  Just like regular origami, the strength in this chair comes in the clever folds, formed from a single sheet.

origami chair furniture Love this concept! Very funny and imaginative. A chair fit for an angel, or some other equally weightless celestial figure.

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Turn An Old Dresser Into A New Bench – DIY is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about DIY home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page.

cardboard stand zen barcelona milano feria hexagonal exhibitor designed by cartonlab