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True Spring Palette. (Remember, there is so much more than just this one palette. Educational purposes.)

Colors for a True Spring Women. Totally confused about bright spring, true spring etc. Need to learn more about how these interact with the DYT types.

Blah...doesn't it feel like that!  The only color we see this time of the year is Winter blue...seems our color palette only consists of neutral colors like grey, black and browns.  I put together ...

Add Color to boring dull Winter clothes!

Great simple table of the 4 main color groups = my experience is you can successfully wear all of the warm colors whether labeled warm/light warm or spring/autumn.same for cool/light cool or summer/winter. Reminder: I'm in the cool color palette.

Kibbe's Celebrity Examples: Keira Knightley (Dramatic), Sofia Vergara (Soft Dramatic), Salma Hayek (Theatrical Romantic), Michelle Dockery (Dramatic Classic), Marion Cotillard (Soft Classic), Christina Hendricks (Romantic), Kelly Osbourne (Flamboyant Gamine), Audrey Tautou (Gamine), Winona Ryder (Soft Gamine), Cameron Diaz (Flamboyant Natural), Ali MacGraw (Natural), Sandra Bullock (Soft Natural)

These are the Kibbe types. Lyudmila is a theatrical romantic and Larisa is a soft classic.

Ways to Mix and Match Colors in Your Outfit - How to Mix Colors - Cosmopolitan.. Complimentary colors really mean OPPOSITE colors.

6 Super Simple Ways to Master Color Mixing

Tips and Tricks: Ways to Mix and Match Colors in Your Outfit - How to Mix Colors - Cosmopolitan. Complimentary colors really mean OPPOSITE colors.

Warm Spring color palette Spring to Autumn some colours look good on warm spring individuals.

Are you a Spring-Autumn (Warm Spring)?

Warm Spring color palette: This seasonal color palette is also known as True Spring because you're flowing into Autumn which is another warm season. This creates a lovely and warm coloring. Your colors have to be warm and clear.

I never paid much attention to this, but apparently I should!  I'm a warm spring, no wonder I like so many of these colors. They can be hard to find :)

Warm Spring Seasonal Color Palette

Shaded Spring Color Palette (Warm Spring) This is a good pallet for me, except for the purple. I do not look good in purple, lilac or violet.

Soft Summer, Summer-Autumn seasonal color celebrities by

Are you a Summer-Autumn (Soft Summer)?

What are my best colors according to my overall look? This is an easy to understand and detailed post with celebrity examples about the Soft Summer (Summer-Autumn) seasonal color palette.

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January 22, 2013 In business, you want to wear colors that make you feel confident, and confidence-building colors are those that make you look and feel your best. For that reason, I recommend wear...

Sunrise, Sunset, Sunlight. What’s Your Colortime Signature?

Sunrise colors: Image Via More Alive With Color (best for me): "If you are a Sunrise Colortime your best Signature Colors are a Frost Gray suit with a Bonnie Blue shirt.

Soft Autumn color palette: You are an Autumn flowing into Summer. You have a 'mousy' - mix of warm and cool - coloring like Summer-Autumns have but with golden skin undertone. Your colors are warm and soft that make an elegant and delicate overall look.

Are you an Autumn-Summer (Soft Autumn)?

30 something urban girl: Are you an Autumn-Summer (Soft Autumn)? But my hair tends to be quite ashy and my skin is neutral, so I can wear a lot of the soft summer palette.