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Honey Bee by Sunny Solwind. Inspiration for my Honey bb tattoo. I want the wings in a heart shape, filled with designs of all the things I love.

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I've wanted a bee tattoo since I was in high school, like before I even had any tattoos. the honey bee has a special meaning to me

Bees are in danger and that means we all are in danger. Please plant some plants that bees love and need in your gardens…and here's a list to help!  Illustration by Hannah Rosengren, https://www.etsy.com/shop/HannahRosengren — with Illustration by Hannah Rosengren, https://www.etsy.com/shop/HannahRosengren.

Shopping Saturday- Planning a wild garden

hannah-rosengren: “ Plant These To Help Save Bees: 21 Bee-Friendly Plants. Learn more here! by Hannah Rosengren, ”

Save the bees. Save the future of agriculture. #infographic #design (View more at www.aldenchong.com)

Infographics - two things we love (info & graphics) made into one! "Save The Animals" Infographic Series by Brianne Boland, via Behance

I want to add a bee to my vintage sleeve, when a female bee stings it loses it stinger and dies: hurting others ends up hurting ourselves most in the end.

I hate bees, but this is beautiful.bumble bee illustration - Yay, images are so hard to find and the may be just right for my tattoo!

Beautiful painting of bumblebees.

"Last night as I was sleeping I dreamt--marvelous error that I had a beehive there inside of my heart and the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures". Machado Reminds me of Daniel. love this pic

Farmhouse garden watercolor illustration ready for spring. Pink hollyhocks and…

Garden flowers ferns botanical illustrations with birds butterflies bumblebees hand drawn original art ready to be framed by Laurie Rohner.