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Me all over :)

For the idiots whom in other countrys force Catholics to leave the catholic faitjh or die

I can't. I'm so used to the sound even in the winter it's on but pointed away from me.

One does not simply go to sleep without a fan on. -- this is so true, especially during the summer


Lord hear our prayers for Marie. Our Lady of Lourdes Stained Glass Window in Llandudno Catholic Church, Llandudno, Wales.

Me but I wasn't raised catholic my cousin goes to an private school and I go to mass with her

I was raised Catholic so every time I hear may the force be with you my natural response is and also with you.

I wonder if anyone has really said this to their friend?

[Ecard: Romantic comedies and cuddling? I ’d rather watch horror movies and have sex.] I’d rather watch gay porn AND have sex. Or just have sex.

...yesssss, my pretty!

Nick palmisciano essay Hello America, my name is Nick Palmisciano and I wrote the essay below, not General David Petraeus, “A Marine in Iraq”, General Schwarzkopf.