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18 New Memes To Kick Start Your Day 9

It's confirmed there's no one better than me!

These are great xD

14 Actual Announcements By Flight Attendants. This Is How It Should Be. - "If you are traveling with more than one small child, pick your favorite" haha !


I was so confused at first. took me forever to see it right. I laughed so hard at the fact someone had to draw it from a different perspective.

You can be mobile too! Hahahahaha!!!

Funny pictures about The Power Of A Baby. Oh, and cool pics about The Power Of A Baby. Also, The Power Of A Baby photos.

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Funny pictures about It's not just girls who like Ryan Gosling. Oh, and cool pics about It's not just girls who like Ryan Gosling. Also, It's not just girls who like Ryan Gosling.

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Why sleep when you can meme?

Now hurry repost this within I minute or it will become the complete opposite

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We have rounded up some bizarre and funny clothing tags that make absolutely no sense. Is it just me? I've never read something bizarre on a clothing tag. I'm gonna start paying closer attention.

Restaurants that got it right... The restaurant I work in needs a few things...

Sometimes, we all need to go out and enjoy a nice meal, even geeks. Before you head out to your favorite restaurant, check out some of these cool and geeky places that clearly have a sense of humor.-----Amazing restaurants who share my sense of humor

That One Person.... Well in my Case It's 3-5 But Who Cares? I Hate All Those Little Bitches.

Dear paranoid people who check behind their shower curtains for murderers, if you do find one, what's your plan?


Sad face :( That sad sad sad moment when check the price tag and slowly walk away.