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Can we benefit from Jesus' sacrifice if we continue to do something we have learned God forbids?

Jesus fulfilled the Old Law Covenant. Burnt offerings were now obsolete, not needed. Jesus' sacrifice had paid the price for Adam's sin. Christians live by a New Covenant based on only two laws. Love of God and love of neighbour. Jesus asked them to do a preaching work worldwide to help all to get everlasting life.

John 20:17 Clearly Jesus was resurrected by Almighty God, Jehovah, and was not part of a trinity. Jesus was later crowned as King of God's Kingdom over the earth, and was given a "little flock" (bought from the earth) to rule with him. Luke 12:32

Where did Jesus come from? 10 The Bible teaches that Jesus lived in heaven before he came to earth. Micah prophesied that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem and also said that His origin was “from early times.” (Micah 5:2) On many occasions, Jesus himself said that he lived in heaven before being born as a human. (John 3:13; 6:38, 62; 17:4, 5) As a spirit creature in heaven, Jesus had a special relationship with Jehovah.

Jehovah-Jireh Provider Jehovah-Nissi Battle Fighter Jehovah-Shalom Giver of Peace Jehovah-Rophe Healer Jehovah-Tsidkenu Our Righteousness Jehovah-Shammah Ever Present One Jehovah-Rohi Good Shepherd

The Bible repeatedly mentions this great act of love by man’s Creator. Paul reminded Christians that they “were bought with a price.” (1 Corinthians 6:20; 7:23) Peter wrote that God used, not gold or silver, but the blood of his Son to deliver Christians

Christ Jesus brought a change. - Christ Jesus showed that there would be no further need for animal sacrifices to cover sins, once He gave His perfect human life as a perpetual sacrifice for sins. - Christ Jesus showed that there would not be a need for physical circumcision any longer to show that one belonged to Jehovah, but that rather Jehovah wanted a figurative circumcision of one's heart, by putting on the new personality and doing Jehovah's will.

Can we benefit from Jesus' sacrifice even if we continue to do something we have learned God forbids? No. Hebrews 10:26, 27.