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Charles A. Paris or Azeem Najib or Peanut or I Double L or #OTG. Whatever u want to call me. Imma worker. #OverTimeGrind

The evolution of the #OTG logo. Just a idea I started on paper (the original drawing from 2010) back in Rantoul Illinois. To making the first version (the black one on the left) to Organo Gold coffee trying to sue me and me redesigning it and filing for the United States Patent and Trademark. To flyers to T-shirts to a world wide brand. Salute to @scorpdaboy and @animemoe for being Fam and tatting it on my hand and the start of the new brand Digital Kingpins crown. It's a super dope feeling…

Moving through these #philadelphia streets. #OverTimeGrind

3 Letters #OTG 3 Words. #OverTimeGrind

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