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Danzarinas de Al-Andalus

I’m mostly writing this up for a friend (hello! :) ), who asked me if the term “Cabaret” is used as an almost derogatory term in dance or if dancers (like me) were happy to be lab…

“Dance Into Your Sultan’s Heart” El-Lay Design: N. Ozel Turkbas was a Turkish movie star before coming to the US in 1959 to show us how to dance.

Broderie marocaine

Beautiful painting of arabian Moroccan women playing her instrument.

awesome costuming and cool skirt tuck

Dúo ATS Kristine Adams & Kae Montgomery of FCBD performing in Moscow - Photo by Art Dragon Studio

Cultura cigana

Abbey Medieval Festival_ Romany Gypsy Dancers by Peter J Howes - Photographer

Portrait of Caterina Cornaro,Queen of Cyprus by Titian,1542

Catherine Cornaro (November 1454 - July was Queen of Cyprus, wife of King James II during the period of Frankish Cyprus. Her father was great-grandson of Marco Cornaro, Doge of Venice from 1365 to

later 16th century ottoman empire - this is the time period that I've very nearly settled on for my persona (I'm so indecisive!) And oh my the colors; we will all go blind!

Codex Vindobonensis 8626 Believed painted between 1586 and 1591 by an unknown south German artist in the entourage of Bartolemeo di Pezzana, ambassador of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II to the Sublime Porte. Now in the Austrian National Library, Vienna

anatolian treasures: Ağustos 2013

Ottoman garb Victorian interpretation -- I have a book somewhere with outfits similar to this. and is my most desired outfit to make.

Jewish woman from Tetuan (Morocco) wearing traditional costume and jewlry

SEFARAD / Jewish Spain - Young Jewish woman from Tétouan, Morocco. quarter of the century.

Portrait of Caterina Cornaro,Queen of Cyprus by Titian,1542

(Reinette: Turquerie in Portrait Painting) Portrait of Caterina Cornaro,Queen of Cyprus by