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"The strongest drug that exists for a human is another human being." | Agreed.

Love The strongest drug that exists for a human is another human being.: The strongest drug that exists for a human is another human being.

Because I know it probably wouldn't work out. I'm going off to college next year, 6 hours away, and you'll still be here...

Dear crush, I'm trying to stop, so if you could do me a favor and stop being so attractive and funny and sweet that would be great thank you

❤ love this! Repins or Likes would be awesome. Don't forget to listen to my music on youtube :) Thank you

When you feel that deeply for another you never see gray hair or winkles. Its much deeper then external things and about what you feel in your heart.

Smile <3

This is so true for this guy I've been messaging every time I get a message my heart skips a beat:)

love quote

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And it's driving me crazy. You feel so right. I've never felt it before with anyone. The crazy thing is that I never imagined you'd become someone so special for me the very first time I saw you. You have my heart.

Nights are so long

"I miss you the most at night. When everything is quiet and the silence reminds me that I’m not sleeping next to you but I still miss you and think about you every minute of the day because I love you with all my heart and soul Theresa xoxoxoxoxoxo

I use to get get butterfly's, now I get a pit in my stomach.

“I don’t know if I like you or love you, want you or need you. All I know is I love the feeling I get when I’m with you.


I’m proud of my heart It’s been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken but somehow still works

I find it cute when boys and girls...

This so true! Why do guys always want to know what a girl likes in a guy? There are so many posts on that.Girls talking about what they like in a guy, what they find attractive in a guy, etc.

My boyfriend did so much for me today.. I love him!

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When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love ~ Lana Del Rey ~ So true! I'm so happy my happy makes you so!