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1983. Simon Parker, and Ted Motler. Who fealy Like their Boots, X Army from Swedden. An Old Fashioned Selfie by Ted Motler The Barbican, Penzance, Cornwall.

1981. Ted Motler and the artist, Tessa Garland, who worked for Ted. In the "Barbican", arts & crafts centre, 1981-'84. Penzance, Cornwall.

1983. It must be "Raining". from Jo Cook's stall,, to 2 Thirds of mine Penzance, Cornwall. by Ted Motler.

1991. 12 of my paintings done on the Penzance Prom, looking across Mount's Bay, Cornwall. all This Work done by, Ted Motler.

1982. "Mind that Car"... "Candy" with a child, crossing the Road, out of 1 of my 3 windows on first floor of the Barbican, arts & crafts Centre of Penzance, Cornwall. photo by ted motler.

1982. 2 arists Fergus Hilton & Dave Goodman, who rented out deck chairs, on the Prom Penzance. from my 1st floor door in the Barbican, Penzance, Cornwall. UK. by Ted Motler.

1983. "Imy Wing" (Imogen Wing) who helped in many ways, in my Stall, in the Barbican, arts and crafts, centre, Penzance, Cornwall. This of Imy in my stall. by Ted Motler.

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