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Let the light guide you as you maneuver through photoshoots or freestyling in your chucks!

Gather your 12 princesses and shoes for an endless night. Partner paring included. SMS - NYC has Dance Manhattan's Studio 4B in its sight.

Want a studio for a large class? 360's the number! You'll need that because cultural shows are the rage!

Children's dance recital and dance groups would appreciate the spotlight at this naturally lit studio. It's not too far from the parks and just a 5-minute walk from Eataly! ShareMySpace - NYC Tact Studio

Marley wood floors call your attention and command your student's attendance! SMS - NYC with Dance Manhattan

Bright studio, Ballet barres Marley option, charming lights, great for classes & workshops. Dimensions 20 x 40 SMS - NYC: Bridge For Dance

Our acting studios feature ten rooms of differing sizes, each of which can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are hosting rehearsal, a casting session, or a class, we can provide the right environment for you.

Toshi's Living Room | Flatiron Hotel | Cocktail Party Venue for Rent in New York, NY | ShareMySpace

Start up the piano because this space was made for dancing! You're just a walk in the middle of Times Square! SMS- NYC knows Dardo Galletto Studios has great accommodations.