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For my sister, political humor

Funny pictures about Dictator Valentine cards. Oh, and cool pics about Dictator Valentine cards. Also, Dictator Valentine cards.

Lol don’t try this in your car kids!!!

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The darkest jokes ever... Some weren't good but others were. . .im a horrible person XD

The darkest jokes ever. Some were awful. Not a fan of dead kid/ child abuse jokes, and a few others were just boring. But some was funny.

. don't get me started!

Clint Eastwood maybe racist AF but he hit the nail on the head here. - yeah i the present. everyone has feelings.

Cuz rule is too mainstream

Cuz rule is too mainstream

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LOL. I would draw the boyfriend of my dreams, someone who would love me. That all I want in life tbh. What about you?

Drawing Expectations

:O If I had the power to draw magical people who would come to life, I'd draw Tom Hiddleston and David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch and hide them under my bed! And feed them tea and cookies and pudding! :D I'D DO THE SAM THING

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28 Things People Who Were Raised By A Mexican Mom Know To Be True

Not even Hispanic, but relate to all these, my mom was just like this! Things People Who Were Raised By A Mexican Mom Know To Be True

All the time

I never get tired of this joke

Appropriate Teen Derp Me and My Friends In a Car - Clean Appropriate Humor, Jokes, Memes

Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }×

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