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(CAMP HALF-BLOOD RP) Wow guys i miss this board!!!! I'm so sorry it somehow got unused....but I'd love to try to get it back again!!!!! Would anyone want to join back in?

Camp Half Blood - Idea for our Percy Jackson program: decorate program room door to look like this Camp Half-Blood entrance

REPIN!!!!! I WILL REPIN YOURS IF I LIKE YOUR BOARD BUT ONLY ID YOU REPIN MINE!! I will repin this pin 50 times possibly!

Hey guys, think it might make more sense to like this pin? If we just pin it, we'll lose track. How about if we get twenty likes you can tag people you want to vote for?

I got Poseidon! Percy and Tyson are my half-blood brothers!

Camp Half Blood Parentage Test (Mostly Accurate)

Really accurate quiz to find who your parent is! I got Poseidon for if my godly parent was my dad and Athena if my godly parent was my mom

Camp Half-Blood cabin outfits<<< so cute

Camp Half-Blood clothing for girls. Awesome part: I'm an Apollo and the Apollo Cabin outfit is what I'd be most likely to wear. :D

I'm pretty sure we'd be bragging about stealing the Declaration<-- Not if it was to the cops

I'm pretty sure we'd be bragging about stealing the Declaration<-- Not if it was to the cops<<< pfft We Hermes kids laugh in the face of authority plus they'd never make it into camp

They are  Heroes

Oh my god! I love it so much! I finally found some thing that said Luke was hero-he was my favorite character in the Percy Jackson series. Now I think Hazel or Leo is my fave now.

Annabeth necklace camp half blood necklace by TotallyObsessed

Annabeth necklace, camp half blood necklace

Found this on Pintrest

this is an i. card that I made for percy jackson fans to fill this is just for fun camp half- blood i.