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were they thinking it would be easier for bucky to hide himself in the backseat or did they want to give a known fugitive the beackseat so he could lay down and sleep peacefully beause for the first time since Hyrdra fell he has people watching his back and can get some sleep without having to worry about people coming for him?

Cap is so done. I can so see this happening....or at least I want it to happen. Like everyone, (except Coulson) would probably be doing it to mess with him.

Hahahahaha. Let's just be honest, Sam is like Tony. There's no RDJ, only Tony. Just the same: there is no Mackie, only Sam.

My lover will also have to marathon Harry Potter, Supernatural, and Lord of the Rings. Not necessarily in a row, but that would be impressive.

Brace yourselves, marvel fight in the comments is coming

Funny question, but no he can't actually. Because he's not worthy and because Mjolnir is magic and does not fall under the realm of earthly science.