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удержании мысли, интересные смысловой ход

Creative Advertising Ideas : Advertising is how a company encourages people to buy their products, services or ideas.

Southern Command chief: ‘We do not pursue war, nor do we fear it’; outgoing division chief heads to Ground Forces ed note–please keep in mind this infamous quote from Golda Meir– &#8216…

As new Gaza commander comes in, IDF says its finger is on the trigger

The Incredible Digital Art of Michael Oswald by Grant Friedman, In this article we will be featuring the work of Michael Oswald. Oswald is a digital artist with a unique style. His technique involves a combination of.

It was a bad day...

These two photographs are by the Dutch photographer, Koen Hauser. I really like the lady with the slinky head.

Don't know the artist, but it's trippy...

Which of these two double-headed illusions do you think is best? Vote your choice by commenting below. In each image, which face did you see first? Face forward or face to the side?

Креативные и необычные фотографии одной пары (39 фото)

Mind-Blowing Examples of Photo Manipulation Art! Photo manipulation is an ever evolving collaboration between photography and graphic design. Photo manipulations are a great source fo


idreamofaworldofcouture: “ Ghost (Natasha Poly: Multiple Exposure) by Marco Brambilla 2009 ”

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When you feel bad your mind continues to focus on all the parts of your life that seem to not be working. Then you feel even worse. This all continues until you wake up to the fact that your self-image is just a mental idea. It is just a concept

Photo Sculpture - Brno Del Zou

Brno Del Zou is a French photographer, who uses photo manipulation and photographic structure to create a cubism effect.

Fun and freaky. Thats, quite possibly, the only way to describe these photomanipulations by Buenos Aires-based graphic design student Martín De Pasquale.

Fantastically Fun and Freaky Photomanipulations

Top 10 Creepy Scotch Tape Faces

Top 10 Creepy Scotch Tape 3M Faces

Wes Naman is currently based in New Mexico and he has created this hilarious scotch tape series. Naman has stuck layers of tape all around peoples faces giving them rather odd and funny features.


Photo Manipulations and Digital Art by Michael Oswald. Michael Oswald is a digital artist with a unique style. His technique involves a combination of phot

Asger Carlsen

this messes with my eyes.Tim Barber for Vice Magazine, Photograph by Asger Carlsen, 2011