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I got Freaking Exhausted! How Tired Are You Really?// You’re probably not sure what state of consciousness you’re even in right now. Are you awake, are you dreaming? What is life? Why are you even wasting time taking this quiz go take a nap, STAT!

adidas Outdoor Boat Slip-On Water Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid), Shift Olive/Mineral/Equipment Orange, 13.5 M US Little Kid. Open mesh nylon for best breathability and quick drying. Exceptional traxion in wet and slippery conditions.

((Open RP for the boy, it's from his point of view)) I'm about to check out of my shift at the hospital when they rush in a girl. Alex, the main doctor rushing her into the room, calls me. "Danny! We need you." I run into the room and notice the girl has a bullet in her stomach, and she looks terrified. "Danny, please hold her hand." "What?!" I don't hold hands. "Hold. Her. Hand." "Fine." I hold the girl's hand. (Credit to Kirsty Sheen of RP)

"Hi." His voice was low and thick with sleep, a sound that pricked my skin with shivers. I look at him and smile softly. "I lov-" He starts to say as I wake up. I glance around and find that it was just another dream. At least this guy was real, he was the school's rebel. Some loved and feared him. I, on that note, loved him. I knew and saw a side of him no one else did. He was sweet and gentle, not to mention sexy as hell. I stretch and push my dream away as I get ready for school(rp?)

(Pretend it's a little bit closer to the ground and open rp, guy please because Connor's gay, Dean is in it too and he'll end up hurting the guy in it) (sorrryyyyyy I'm bored and this was all I could think of) Connor) I grin as I look at the view from the bridge. I hear someone running. I look over and I see a boy, sobbing as Dean chases him. He runs into me and cries an apology out before going to the edge of the bridge, looking like he's about to jump. He's sobbing uncontrollably, his…

6 Abandoned Buildings and Places in Sheffield, UK

The General Cemetery opened in 1836 as a Nonconformist burial ground, one of the first landscape cemeteries marking a shift away from overcrowded chuchyards.