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Ghost YES. In other news, doppelgangers aren't mythological. e_e
Just my friends will truly enjoy this (but probably annoy them too)
This is creepily accurate... *~*
Here's a prime example of men are from mars women are from venus
Palindomrey goodness - Demetri Martin! Crazy sauce!!
College: The Only Time In Your Life It’s O.k. To Do Dumb Shit – 28 Pics
Date mate and house spouse
I'm SORRY about the language (AND SORRY THAT YOU WON'T SEE THIS APOLOGY UNTIL AFTER YOU READ IT), but this literally had me CRYING with laughter. I want to be those guys' best friend.
Awesome kid!
Can't stop giggling while reading this. - 9GAG
Mytamponjustfellout has been waiting for that perfect moment to say that comment. Props man
Relaxing Like In Comics
Tumblr stuff
Alright, WHO DREW ME?