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“Veronica Mars” Star Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls) Takes A Return Trip To Neptune

7 Books To Read If You Love 'Veronica Mars'

Marshmallows, I feel you: The ache of missing Veronica Mars is real. Hopefully some of that pain can be quelled with a list of books to read if you love Veronica Mars. At the very least, the books will keep you company between binges and chain-watchi

Logan is totally my type: the wounded, brooding bad boy with a heart of gold! Dangerous but safe. Nurturing but destructive. A challenge but a gift.

29 Famous Guest Stars You Forgot Were on Veronica Mars

22 Things That Must Be In The "Veronica Mars" Movie

Vinnie Van Lowe is one of the funniest characters from Veronica Mars! I'm so glad he was in the movie!