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Pão de grãos

French Loaf,Revenue

This has been come to be known around our office as 'crack bread' because it's so addictive and never lasts long. And it's so simple you can figure it out just from the picture. Get a nice crusty loaf of bread and cut it criss-cross. Not stuff the openings with your favorite cheese (we like Havarti), and top with green onions. Wrap this in tin foil and bake it at 350 fahrenheit for 10-15 mins, then take it out of the oven and enjoy! For bonus bold flavors, add some chopped garlic!

Panqueca de Omelete

Receita de almoço para a segundona: Aprenda a fazer panqueca de omelete

Pão de Batata de Liquidificador - Veja a Receita: