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Virginia Lt. Governor Candidate: Satan Loves Yoga - Damn. I guess I'm damned. That is, according to Virginia Lt. Governor candidate E. W. Jackson. Jasckson has been quite controversial, often quoting scripture and lamenting the fall of 'murica into the hands of sinners. But a quote from his book, Ten Commandments to an Extrao... - http://www.theyogablog.com/virginia-lt-governor-candidate-satan-loves-yoga/

“Erase from your vocabulary the word “someday.” Do not save things for “special occasions.” Take into account the fact that every day is special. Every day is a gift that we must appreciate and be...”

God wants Muslims to be united. Satan and the #dajjal (#antichrist), on the other hand, wants the dispersion of Muslims #tv #broadcast 📽📡en.a9.com.tr #islam #God #quran #Muslim #books #adnanoktar #istanbul #islamicquote #quote #love #Turkey #art #artistic #fashion #music #luxury #travel #nature #photoshoot #photooftheday #worldwide #london #newyork #washington

Deaf hand signal of the phrase "i love you" while at first this appears an odd resemblance, we register an "ahh i get it"! Emotion when we discover that the person who invented or created, the hand sign system for the deal Helen Keller was herself an ocultist and Theosophist did Keller purpousley design the deafs "i love you sign" to be such a remarkable imitation of the classic sign of satan? Was Keller saying basically, "i love you Devil? -

Lord...You are my creator. I know that you exist because I hear the birds chirping..rain falling..I cant make it from one step to the next without you God. So much pain I have been through but nothing like the pain you encountered. Holes in your hands...being spat on...your feet nailed...thornes...hanging...being thirsty and to perform so many miracles and they.still didnt believe you were the Christ. Their are still those that dont believe.JESUS IS REAL. I have never had a better friend…

lovely. i should print copies of this to hand out to family members who assume a Paganism is worshipping Satan

Stop the divorce save my marriage - Lord I pray again to you today.To heal my marriage in your way.To give me strength to stay the course.Lord I don't want my marriage to end in divorce.I want the kids to have both of us.��To know you as the person to trust.Help us both to see.�That this is something you meant to be.�What you have joined together let no one put asunder.�Break the bondage that Satan has put us under. �I believe in your�word and trust what it says.Lord I cry out to…

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