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And Melissa believed she killed her by burying her by thinking Spencer had hit Bethany. Tbh Bethany deserved it.

S6 Ep10 "Game Over, Charles" - What did you think? #PLL #FAcetoFAce

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Season 3, Episode 23 - When Spencer’s friends are finally allowed to visit her in the psych ward, they don’t know the extent of her madness and just assume everything will be better after they put a bandage over her brain booboo. During the visit, Emily delivers the unintentionally funniest line of the episode as she cheers up Spencer with some, erm, *good news*. Emily: We have good news. They found a body in the woods. The police believe it was a camper. Worst good news ever!?!? Examples of…

Season 3 Episode Pretty Little Liars Recap, I’m Your Puppet