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This would so happen!

Tina laughing: is something supposed to be in there? Newt flustered but grinning widely BC SHE SAID YES: Yeah, uh, hold on *turns to hunt down niffler then turns around and holds out his hand to her* "Like old times?" He would say witht that grin she love

It strange to think that pureblood wizards have never used a pen or a pencil.

I wonder how many muggle-born students bring pens to Hogwarts and just laugh on the inside at their classmates who are always fussing with ink and quills. The Wizarding World is awesome but sometimes they do things the stupidly hard way.

It's just a dick joke | Community Post: 19 Times Tumblr Understood What It Meant To Be In Ravenclaw

19 Times Tumblr Nailed What It Was Like To Be In Ravenclaw

Just what you'd expect from a Hufflepuff! :)

purest newt moments sweet hufflepuff fluff When he told Jacob he was his friend. When he asked if he could give the copy of his book in person.

*tries to not burst into tears*

*tries to not burst into tears* literally why would you want Credence to seek refuge in Graves when the obvious choice is Tina

no but fr i think hes still alive just you wait (haha)

He's still alive idk what you are all talking about *cries*