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Bloat is a very serious health risk, it is the second biggest killer of dogs after cancer. yet many pet owners know very little about it. &n...

Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) also known as bloat, is a serious health risk, understanding the signs and the need for prompt treatment.

How to tell if your pet is in pain: Dr. Rosie Smith

By Rosie Smith MRCVS - 'Paws Indoors' Mobile Vet Norfolk What should you keep in stock in case your pet gets ill? What is safe to use and when s.


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Recognizing the symptoms of bloat (gastric torsion) ~ Video

Preventing Bloat Naturally

July/August 2011 Issue By: Peter Dobias DVM Did you know that dogs that are fed processed foods are about five times as likely to suffer from stomach bloat and torsion than dogs fed raw or cooked food?

101 games, tricks, and activites to keep your dog busy all summer long. 101 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog by Alison Smith. 2011 Intermediate Non-Fiction.

Describes a variety of ways for dog owners to have fun with their dogs, including games designed to match a breed's natural abilities, from outdoor scent games and speed tests to obstacle courses and sports for dogs. Looks like a lot of fun


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Home visits are often part of the dog adoption process. And you want to be ready when they visit your home – that’s why Kevin Roberts will walk you through the home visit procedure.

The Home Visit: An Essential Part Of Adopting A Dog

Part of the dog adoption process, Kevin Roberts walks you through the home visit procedure.