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by amelia von grüne

She is a freaky little girl......YIKES!...(Interesting blog--check it out.)

Haunt Style tembots kids a=or the people that gave me feet for not doing that magic downstairs for now fucking reason.

Found on www.flickr.com via Tumblr

Cyanotype: “Shirley Holmes” Source: The Art of the American Snapshot Princeton University Press.

ART NIGHT! We should paint umbrellas!!!

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Cool at the beach

Home is where the beach is. Vila Sea Rose in Lipari island - Sicily- Italy


Sassy redhead just wants to read and is having none of your s--t, Beelzebub.

This looks like a doll...

Meredith Asleep

This looks like a doll...

THESE CELEBRITIES ARE not victims of botched plastic surgeries. Rather, they have been disfigured by the golden ratio—the geometric sequence believed to hold the key to beauty in design, art, and nature.

How Celebrity Faces Would Look if They Fit the Golden Ratio

the golden ratio turns famous faces into fibonacci celebrities

The Internet is too much with us.

Then and now Some are very hard sad reality :/