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Fitness Articles ::: Yoga & Meditation :: Yoga for Lordosis

Fitness Articles ::: Yoga & Meditation :: Yoga for Lordosis

5 Simple Corrective Exercises For Lumbar Lordosis: Oblique Crunch

Lumbar Lordosis or Lumbar Swayback: 5 Simple Corrective Exercises

Yoga for back pain

awesome Yoga Eases Symptoms of Chronic Low Back Pain

Hip alignment/strengthening for hip, knee and lower back pain

Align Your Hips

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IntiFit Premium Neck Stretcher for Neck Pain Relief and Therapeutic Cervical Traction Pillow


"The old fit ball doesn't get enough credit.amazing for core stability exercises"

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15 minute chi gong routine, easy on your joints.


lordosis/swayback in a girl is not pretty!fix that now before its too late!

5 Alignment Tips for Dancer Pose in Yoga

5 Alignment Tips for Dancer Pose in Yoga

These moves allow you to get in a high-intensity, super-effective workout no matter where you are. Whether you’re traveling or just don’t feel like leaving the house, you only need your body to get fit—and a little fire to kick ass.”

Here’s An Unbelievably Effective No-Equipment Workout