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The middle one has happened to me before but they were on a double date😂😒

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16 Texts That Hit Too Close To Home For Lesbians

So Relatable - Funny GIFs, Relatable GIFs & Quotes *random me* pshh I smashed my nose with my phone before like that xD

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☺️Only with awkward hair twirling and speechlessness and awkward 'Awww!' and blushing.

The blog that describes your life! "Teenager Posts" is a relatable blog full of witty posts, quotes,...I'm no teenager, but I so agree

Fr me, I don't even close my eyes I just fall asleep without knowing~



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This totally measured reaction: | 22 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Summarise Crushes

This totally measured reaction:

Because when the teacher was explaining where to put it when ur done, ur too busy worrying about how to graph y=x2-34x+7 lolz

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So Relatable - Relatable Posts, Quotes and GIFs--sometimes if I don't know where the test bin is or I'm nervous.