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TOKYO, Japan -- A woman who was undergoing an operation was seriously burned when she passed gas. According to The Straits Times, the fire occurred at Tokyo Medical University Hospital on April 15. The patient, who is in her 30s, was having an operation on her cervix. During the surgery, she passed gas and the irradiation of the laser ignited it.

Until now, weight loss during the first 3 to 4 days after birth has been considered one indicator of how early breastfeeding is going. If on Day 4 a newborn’s weight loss is in the average range of 5% to 7%, this usually means breastfeeding is going well. Nearly all babies lose some weight after birth, because after floating in amniotic fluid for 9 months, they are born waterlogged. Normal weight loss comes from the shedding of this excess fluid as they adjust to life on the drier…

Did you know pumping after breastfeeding can make life less stressful with a baby? It's great for boosting your breast milk supply! Here are some helpful tips on how to pump after nursing!

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