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#mulherdeaquario #signodeaquario #aquariobichosolto #aquariana #aquariolivre #aquario

#mulherdeaquario #signodeaquario #aquariobichosolto #aquariana #aquariolivre #aquario

Naseema Banu - Google+

Basically my face while watching Frozen for the time with my friend (who had not yet seen the movie) GIF

Bookmark this one, many funny pictures!!!

Foghorn Leghorn - Boy, I say boy.You're about to exceed the limitations of my medication. LOVE IT!

Love it when true feelings are revealed!

Sometimes I think of something so wrong and inappropriate that my little black heart skips a beat with delight.Evil me

Maybe this is worth looking into...

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Mess with me and I will let karma do it's job. Mess with my family and I become karma.

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lol right

ALL THE TIME! Me and my sister do this so often it's scary. We call it sister telepathy.

A royal kitten  by Eldar Zakirov ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other

Surrealist Art - King Cat by Tokuhiro Kawai - Oil on canvas. The artist painted several painting of the Scottish Fold house cat with cherub angels.

Yes!  sit down & calm down, the world doesn’t revolve around you hun!

Aww, you think all my posts are directed at you. That's cute, but you can relax sweetie. You're not the only stupid bitch I know.