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INVEST IN ROCKETBOOK Notebooks from the Future We created the world s first smart, reusable paper notebook: the Rocketbook Wave with $1.7mm in sales so far. Download the Rocketbook app, and as fast as you can flip through your notebook, your notes are scanned and organized in the cloud services Continue reading ROCKETBOOK Notebooks from the Future: We created the world’s first smart, reusable paper notebook: the Rocketbook Wave with $1.7mm in s

Cloud.IQ. Cloud.IQ enables brands and retailers to reduce site abandonment and improve conversion rates in the online sales process through sophisticated remarketing of consumers and data analytics. The two tools the Company uses are cartRecovery and exitCapture. cartRecovery aims to reduce lost sales through the generation of highly personalized emails to consumers to address Continue reading Cloud.IQ: Enables brands and retailers to reduce s

Despierta A narcoleptic copywriter is lost between two worlds, her dreams and reality. DIRECTOR Hello my name is Angelica Perez-Castro. Born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, I moved to the United States to pursue a Master s of Arts in FILM and TELEVISION at Savannah College of Art and Design Continue reading Despierta A narcoleptic copywriter is lost between two worlds, her dreams and reality The post Despierta A narcoleptic copywriter is

EXPERTS ON DEMAND GET RESULTS INSTANTLY! Xprtly! revolutionizes your consulting experiencewith data-driven analytics and saves you up to 30%. NOTE: Early adopter specials are available for another 24 hours! Join our campaign to upgrade the Xprtly! design making our mobile app the only app on the market where you get support response in 5 minutes (avg). Yes, five minutes. Right now, Continue reading EXPERTS ON DEMAND — GET RESULTS INSTANTLY! Sub

DAYS OF IRE: BUDAPEST 1956 BOARD GAME It s 1956, and waves of protest in Poland are once again showing cracks of the Eastern European communist bloc. Emboldened by these signs students and intellectuals in Budapest, the Hungarian capital organise a protest of previously unseen magnitudes. As the communist leadership sweeps Continue reading DAYS OF IRE: BUDAPEST 1956 BOARD GAME: Designed by the team behind [redacted] The post DAYS OF IRE: BUDAPEST

It was the week before Christmas and, like all cities in the Western world, Berlin was lit up, the air was cold and the mood festive. At the Christmas market near the Zoologischer Garten train station, people milled about shopping and enjoying themselves. A short distance away, a Pakistani man named Naved B sat in [...] The post The Wrong Man appeared first on iCrowdNewswire.

Ban Ki-moon ended his ten years as UN Secretary-General at midnight on New Year’s Eve with his last official duty dropping the ball at New York’s Times Square. "I ll be in Times Square for the ball drop. Millions of people will watch me lose my job." Ban wrote beforehand on Twitter, hinting at possible [...] The post Ban Ki-moon’s Mixed Legacy as UN Secretary-General appeared first on iCrowdNewswire.

Childhood immunisation is one of the safest and most cost-effective health interventions available, yet many of the world s most vulnerable children continue to miss out. A World Health Organisation report entitled State of inequality: childhood immunisation was released last week. While the report is mostly good news, immunisation rates are up and many countries have eradicated [...] The post Immunisation and Inequality in 2016 appeared first o

When British naturalist Charles Darwin published in 1859 his theory of evolution in his work On the Origin of Species, he most likely did not expect that robots, not nature, would someday be in charge of the selection process. In his On the Origin of Species, (more completely: On the Origin of Species by Means [...] The post Poor Darwin – Robots, Not Nature, Now Make the Selection appeared first on iCrowdNewswire.

Addressing members of the Group of 77, incoming UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said development must be at the center of UN’s activities because it is a basic condition for peace and security while human rights can only be exercised in the context in which development takes place. He told delegates the UN Development system needs [...] The post Guterres Seeks G77 Leadership in UN Reforms appeared first on iCrowdNewswire.