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Je n'aurais jamais pensé à cette astuce pour un bas de pantalon!

Acclaimed Neapolitan pant tailor Salvatore Ambrosi is visiting.

A little surprise when you bend your elbow on your blazer! Classy!!

Coat / Jacket: ideas: detail a slot seam in an elbow patch for a surprise pop of color when I flex my arm/elbow


Display l Find vintage frames, repaint frame and mount a dark velvet backing.

How to Match Ties to Dress Shirt Collars - What tie goes with what type of collar?

beadifferentlady: ““ Matching Ties to Dress Shirt Collars: What Tie Goes with Which Collar Style? ” important for every gentleman… ” Very interesting!

Checkered 1930's high waisted trousers - On the Sunny Side

Checkered high waisted trousers - On the Sunny Side