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"My friend while on drugs for wisdom tooth removal" - Imgur

My friend while on drugs for wisdom tooth removal

"Dude, my icepack is judging me". Never text immediately after having your wisdom teeth removed

Helllllloooooo gas man!

Funny pictures about Hello Gas Man. Oh, and cool pics about Hello Gas Man. Also, Hello Gas Man.


Seriously, why do you care so much about my school life! What are you expecting me to say "OMG I LOVE school.

Technologically Impaired Duck speaks for all those who are less than proficient with various forms of technology in a world where computer knowledge is absolutely essential. Technologically Impaired Duck demonstrates an utter and complete lack of tec

You know you have O.C.D when all you can see is that one of the green M&M's is in the blue pile.

OCD’s worst nightmare…

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Funny OCD Eat First that's me color order! They aren't even in rainbow order OMG!

Always weer die minions...

funny minion blocking traffic that moment when you realize it's going to be difficult to explain why you're late for work

there are two things ridiculously awesome about this. one that it's a picture of David Tennant (aka the Doctor) and two what Scotland's national animal is!

Why the HELL would you leave google for BING

Funny pictures about Farewell cake. Oh, and cool pics about Farewell cake. Also, Farewell cake.

OMG YASSSS IM LIKE WELL I DID PIN THAT A WHILE BACK SOOOO PINNED YA AGAIN.... hahaah this is like my 100000000th time pinnning this hahaaa

This was my favorite movie quote when I was six. >>>> This is me with Star Trek and Benedict Cumberbatch pictures.

It got me...

It's true I didn't read the number. I didn't read it after I was called lazy either!

Funny pictures about Future kids will wonder. Oh, and cool pics about Future kids will wonder. Also, Future kids will wonder.

I love how the woman in the top right hand corner isn't even binking. This is taking office exercises to the extreme!

how to make office work fun! No one even looks at them, like oh this is a normal day at the office

I Throw My Hands Into The Air Sometimes, Singing AYO, I'm a Flamingo.

Funny pictures about I put my leg up in the air. Oh, and cool pics about I put my leg up in the air. Also, I put my leg up in the air.